Wednesday, November 19, 2008

'be strong...look forward..'


why i'm using this words as my title today?well, for me, it's juz like a magic words, spontaneously, it cherished my day, healed my pain and i don't know, but i love it.. so much..mybe because those magic words came from someone that meant so much for me..someone that gave me that small light, a light that shine deep inside my's not only about love, but it's also about the friendship that we build together, and how much it meant for me...and for that person too..

actually, what i need is just a little support..that person suddenly came into my life, out of no where, and gave me the support that i really want to..person that i've not dreamed of..uff..i don't know what's the real feel that i felt right now..but i really hope this will last forever..again, it's not about love, but our lovely friendship..everyone kept asking me, how will we ended this relationship, but, for both of us, we really don't have the exact that person said last night, juz 'be strong..look forward..'..i'm so thankful...thnx to my dear friend...


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