Monday, November 17, 2008

A review of Johnny Angel..


it's quite a long time since i've been updated this blog..huhu..actually i was quite busy with my master project and i'm really not in mood to write or share anything in here..well, i was praying dan hoping (hardly) that i could finish all this thing as quick as's really made my world got haywired! hikhik.. underload my stress, i've decided to go to public library last week..well, i was enjoying myself there, seriously!! it's really great to go there, get some books, having an excitement in searching those books and spending couple hours reading magazines, huhuhu..but, it's quite distracted me when a few kids started to make noise and i'm trying to keep myself calm, not to scold them (cause i really want to!!). searching from shelf to shelf, looking for each title, my eyes suddenly dropped to one of that books; Johnny Angel.. emm, i was thinking that i've never read this title of Danielle Steel's..i've read Miracle, Vanished and Dating Game (i was wondering, since when i became a great fans of DS? hikhik..)..ok, back to that Johnny Angel, it attracted me to pick it up..looking from a short review behind its cover, i think i've made a good choice of book (emm, she's the best romance novelist, for sure it's always the best..huhu.)

it's only took me a night to finish this's a great made my eyes filled with tears till the end of the made me thought that life is short, life is hard, life is full of ups and downs, but still life is beautiful. Johnny is a complete example that life is short; he died at 17, in a terrible accident which not his fault at all. Tragically, this accident occured just after their prom night, a day before their graduation day. And, suddenly, everything went wrong to his family, his drank father, lonely mother, helpless sister and mute little brother. And, his beloved girlfriend, Becky, who trying so hard to forget the incident and to vanish all their memories together. I was crying when i read this nice thing from Becky that describe their love; "Johnny is the sweet spot in my life.." it's really sweet..

this book is the best book to make we feel, and to motivate us that we still could survive from all the pain after we lost our loved ones. it's not the end of the world, we still have to go on with our own life..even in this story, Johnny came back as a brand-new-teenage-angel in his family, to fix a few things that happened in their family, but, in reality, for me, we can still mend our heart from that pain just by ourselves..what we need is a little strength..a strength to get over that and everything will back to normal again..

ok, i need to do something now..gtg..huhu


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